WAFWA Summer

American Statistical Meetings. 2016 International Conference on Questionnaire Design, Development, Evaluation, and Testing (QDET2). Measurement of Wildlife Value Orientations Among Diverse Audiences: A Multi-Group Confirmatory Factor Analysis Among Hispanic and Non-Hispanic White Communities. ASA – presentation

The University of Arizona, The School of Natural Resources and Environment. Annual Symposium.Cohort drive social change: Starting to understand the broad shift away from hunting and angling. U of A symposium

The Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership and the Arizona Game and Fish Department teamed up to complete the Sportsmens’ Values Mapping Project to show Legislators which locations hunters valued the most. Values Mapping

Project Manager and Agency Liaison of the American Wildlife Values Project.  Wildlife Values

The North American Model and Matters of Relevance. A conference symposium at the international annual meeting of The Wildlife Society. TWS symposia – Invited Speaker

NPR report on the decline of hunting and its effect on rural America NPR story

The expertise of Dr Chase is sought regarding the Cecil the Lion incident NBC – CecilTheLion

Arizona’s Wildlife Federation’s report Lead and Nonlead Ammunition – a citizen science effort to find out if lead and nonlead ammunition shoot with the same accuracy  Wildlife Federation Magazine

The Arizona’s Elk Society’s report on Lead and Nonlead Ammunition Arizona Elk Society Magazine

The sociology of Mexican Wolf Reintroduction Wildlife Views Magazine

Contextually-Specific Acceptability: Recreationists’ Motivations and Targeted Species affect Public Approval of Hunting. Hunting Motives

Loren Chase named as Director at Large of the Arizona Wildlife Federation  Wildlife Federation site

Learn about Sportsperson’s Value Mapping

Dr. Chase is elected to Chair The Wildlife Society’s Human Dimensions Working Group TWS News

My research guiding the bird conservation efforts AFWA symposia

Wildlife Management Institute recognizes the importance of societal shifts on wildlife conservation WMI symposia


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Chase, L.D. & Rabe, M.J. (2015). Reducing Lead on the Landscape: Anticipating Hunter Behavior in Absence of a Free Nonlead Ammunition Program. PLoS ONE, 10(6):e0128355. PLoS ONE Ammunition Program

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